Batch jobs

We execute batch jobs by using the following statements
dlogon library-name

What parameter could have been changed that caused the system to stop recognizing ‘dlogon’ as a command for a specific user ID (sag). When someone else submits the job under their own ID it works correctly.

Program DLOGON must exist in the current library or a library within the STEPLIB chain (which can be user-specific). Or it could exist in library SYSTEM, but then you wouldn’t have your problem.

Thanks - we have somehow solved the problem

I am not familiar with DLOGON. Neither the Mainframe nor Unix Natural documentation list this as a system command. Are you certain this isn’t a custom program that provided enhanced logon functionality?

Sorry it was a custom logon program and we have managed to overcome the problem

As i remember DLOGON is a system command for PCASE / ENTIREDB