Does webMethods support SAP Release 3.x adapters??

Hi All,

We have a scenario where we want to connect to SAP B2B adapter for webMethods v6.5 to SAP v3.i.

We already have in place connection between SAP B2B adapter for webMethods v6.5 to SAP v6.0

Now I want to know what can be the differences while connecting to a SAP B2B adapter version X from SAP v3.i and SAP v6.0?

Can anyone please give me pointer to SAP forums where SAP folks generally discuss technical issues?

Have you reviewed the webMethods SAP Adapter Version 6.5 Installation Guide? I strongly suspect it lists which versions of SAP are supported.

I think SAP hosts some forums that still talk about SAP BC. But I’m pretty sure they won’t cover the wM SAP Adapter since it is a wM product. Your best bet for community support is here or Advantage.