Does Webmethods sap adapter 46 supports Sap software 47

Currently, We are planning to start an upgrade from sap software 4.6B to 4.7. We are using Webmethods Sap adapter 4.6 with Trading network 4.6, developer 4.6, integrator 4.6. I would like to know if there are anybody out there having the same situation and using a new sap adapter ? Do I need to upgrade any patch for my existing servers in order to use this adapter ?


hi Gray,
we are using SAP adapter 4.6+sp5 and applied a fix sp5_fix2 to support Japanese special characters. And also we have service packs applied for IS and TN. It is working fine in our test envoironment(soon we will going to production).

Note: we are migrating from SAP release 4.5B to 4.7


As per your answer, SAP adapter 4.6 with sp5 and fixsp5_fix2 supports SAP version 4.7?.

I am running SAP Business Connector 4.6 and wish to upgrade to 4.7. Is it not just a matter of obtaining 4.7 from SAP and upgrading, using whatever instructions come with 4.7?

Does anybody have comments to add about WM/BC issues caused by a SAP R/3 upgrade?

Our organisation is currently using WM 6.0.1 and SAP R/3 4.5B and is discussing a possible upgrade to SAP R/3 4.7 or 5.0.

We are aware that SAP are pushing Netweaver / XI as an integration tool, but are likely to continue using WM for now.

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