Does webMethod support integration with NGA payroll utilizing HRX

Hi All,

We have a new requirement where we need to integrate NGA payroll with webMethods and webMethods in on-premise. Could someone please provide some information on how the integration can be done.

Any information would be helpful.

Hi Nikita – glad you’re still working on wM stuff! :slight_smile:

You’ll presumably be integrating NGA payroll with something else using wM components. What is the “something else?” For each side, determine what the interaction methods available are. XML/JSON over HTTP (API). File-based. DB. DB staging table. Etc. Then develop the components in wM IS to move the data from one to the other per the mapping documents defined via analysis.

By googling online, I found NGA payroll/hr probably has API to do so. Refer to Documentation - MyHRW Core API, you probably can use REST service to invoke NGA system with the functionalities available through the API.

Alternatively you can also take advantage of CloudStreams if you’ve multiple cloud/saas applications to connect to. Although there is no CloudStreams connector developed by SAG, you can use the CloudStreams framework to build your own custom REST connector.

Hi reamon,

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
The “something else” here is SAP SuccessFactor.
For the configuration portion, do we need to make use of CloudStream or how the configuration need to be done at both source and target end.
Could you please suggest on this as well.


Wording it that way makes it sound like webMethods is an end-point. It almost never is. It is the intermediary that facilitates interactions between 2 or more applications/systems. Based upon your most recent post, the integration is between NGA and SuccessFactors – facilitated by wM.

When we did SuccessFactors some time back, the interaction with them was file-based. They may have an HTTP-based interaction available now though. You’ll want to check on that.

You can use CloudStreams if you want (and have a license) for applications that expose an HTTP-based interface. It won’t help with file-based though. We have avoided CloudStreams in the past as it seemed to get in the way more than helped. We also avoid REST API Descriptors (RAD) and Web Service Descriptors (WSD) for the same reason. But certainly those tools can be helpful depending on your environment and team skill set.

The key is understanding the details of what the end-points expose – file exchange, DB table, message queue, XML over HTTP, JSON over HTTP, SOAP, REST, custom interface library (rare nowadays), etc. – and then which components within the wM IS environment can be used to interact with them.

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