Does B2B Server Acts like web server

Hi all,
I want to know b2b server acts as web server or not. Because we need to get a file from the local machine and throw it to the browser when ever user clicks on a download link. In the same time it should open a File Save As dialog box also. Any tips on this.

Muru, you are asking about two things here.

  1. Does IS act as a Web server? The answer is yes. Integration Server has a HTTP listener and can process HTTP requests.

  2. How to serve a “File Save As…” dialog box? This is a browser convention and depends on your end user’s configuration. If the end user selects a link to a file, his browser will examine the extension of the file (i.e. .pdf, .doc, .jmg) and attempt to open it. If the browser is unable to open the file, it will prompt the end user with the “File Save As…” window.

As a side note, this is how your browser knows that a Web page is a Web page – the .html extension. The browser treats all files alike – it attempts to open them and, if unable to recognize the file, it prompts the user to take action.

I’d just add that the file-extension is not the only means to specify handling. The webserver also has the opportunity to specify a MIME type for the resource. But either way, if the browser’s conclusion about the filetype is that it’s a known one it will try to display it or launch a plugin

To request that a browser treat a requested resource as something that must be saved and not displayed, try using http-equiv or other means to send this header (where fname.ext is the filename you would like the browser to default to).

Content-disposition: attachment; filename=fname.ext