Documnet on Tomcat with in webmethods

Does any body has some more info regarding the WmTomcat package except for the JavaServerPages guide provided by webMethods.


To my knowledge there isn’t any other documentation. The embedded Tomcat engine is hosted by the Integration Server and uses the Integration Server HTTP stack. This means the normal information about ‘Tomcat as a server’ does not apply. There are no configuration settings needed. No thread pool settings.

The only place to look at Tomcat settings is the IntegrationServer/web/conf/web.xml file. It is in this location, rather than in the WmTomcat package directory tree for backward compatibility to the release which did not have WmTomcat in a separate package.

The intended use of this Tomcat version is as a JSP engine to allow for an alternative to DSPs, although I believe one can write servlets as well but there isn’t any documentation on this.



This is what the documentation says: