DocumentToRecord issue

I am using http post to post an XML document and I receive an XML response from http to body->bytes. Then I am using a service bytesToString and stringToDocument service. So far everything looks fine. But when I use documentToRecord and map the boundnode to my record I do not see any output. If I leave the output from documentToRecord to boundnode, then I see the output. I am setting makeArrays to false and assigning my record name in record name. I have referred to the below posting.


I appreciate your help. Each small step needs takes so much time due to lack of good examples.



Please make sure that your assinged record/fields are exactly matching to the boundNode/record/fields in the pipeline.If they match then only data be extracted in the ouput record when you map from the boundNode (IDATA record).

To be more clear the record(roottag)/fields that you have created should exactly match with the boundNode/roottag/fields.If so documentToRecord works perfect as expected.


Thanks for your help RMG. I was able to go past the error now.