Documents from TN1 to TN2

I am new to webMethods 8.0., can u please tell me how to send/forward the documents from one TN console to another/Remote TN console.
Please give me the steps for code in TN console, Developer(IS), Processing Rules and Document types… soon…

Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish with such a solution? Perhaps a different solution is possible.

Are you trying to send docs from one to another TN in the same network or external?

You can always use the pub.client:http (post method and url invoking other TN’s http://remoteISip:port/invoke/ service) and automate.


1st Thank you for replying:).

I want send the xml documents from my TN console/IS to both local or external trading network.
Example: my corporation name is:Sikandar and having my Broker(&)->IS(&)->TN
i have created trading partner profile in my TN console i.e. trading partner is RMG who is at some IP address(Local/External).
Now i want to send documents from Sikandar to RMG. after that i want to see that sent document in RMG’s TN console.

Hi reamon,
Thank you for replying.

I am trying to achieve one solution for a problem.
i mean i want send documents from one TN(http://sikandar:5555) to another TN(http://reamon:5555)

how to do this.

Plz help out.

Yes i am trying to send from to another TN within a network(Localhost).

Try this:

You can use the service from TN1 pub.client:http (post method and url invoking other TN’s http://TN2ip:port/invoke/ service) and map the data/bytes or string with headers/conten-type=“text/xml”

It should work based on your reply above:


The method rmg proposes is the way to go. When sending a document from TN it is usually best to not make any assumptions about the software on the other side. Thus, XML (or whatever format) over HTTP is usually the way to go.