DocumentList to XML Conversion - wM inserting "arrayof<Object>Item" tag

[FONT=Helv][SIZE=2]Request help on an urgent issue that I have…thank you in advance for your help !!
WebMethods is inserting an “ArrayofItem” tag into the response XML when I converting the DocumentList to XML ( while responding back to the caller ).
My wm IS service ( wM version is 7.1.2 ) is exposed as a web service. The output signature of this service has a DocumentList called “Address” within a Document called “AddressList”.
I expect my service to return the response SOAP XML to my SOAPUI client in the following manner :

Instead, I am getting this response :

Please advise on how I can get rid of this “ArrayofAddressItem” tag which I don’t need in my XML. Thanks a lot…![/SIZE][/FONT]

You better refer e-books. If i found any solution i will surely respond you…

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Remove this entry from WSDL manaully and then create your provider service again. This works perfectly fine … i faced the same issue some time back.

Moreover there is a patch from Webmethods in which they entertain this problem… please check if you it installed in your environment.


Thank you for the answer…it helped. I copied the WSDL onto a file and edited to remove the arrayof and imported it back in again to create the provider wsd. It worked…