Documentation of WmDoc and PackageDoc

Can someone send me some information/documentation about the WmDoc and PackageDoc package or an example of how can i use them?

I don’t know how to use them and i need automate documentation of each package in Developer.


I fond how to use the WmDoc package, just go to the link:


all this works with DSP pages.

all the code for that DSP pages are in the


How can I find wmDoc package for download please?

Hi Antonio,

WmDoc package can be downloaded from here:

PackageDoc can be downloaded from here:


Hello Holger!


Hi Antonio,

I did some research meanwhile and therefore have updated my previous post.


You will be interested in the Documentation Generator - Generate documentation automatically. Have a look at the webinar:

Unfortunately it is not publicly available and it is with SAG GCS. Hope SAG puts them in their product stack in future releases :wink:


there is a document generator available from here:

The Sample PackageDoc already mentioned in this thread is a follow up to this document generator.

What Mahesh is referring to is the newer documentation generator (aka WxDoc package).

I agree with Mahesh that this should be a (regular) part of future releases.


Hello everybody!!!

Thanks, I will check it.



Got a couple of questions for the PackageDoc before I spend more time reverse engineering the package/code.

  • How does one refresh the HTML output, or is it generated on the fly each time the dsp loads?
  • Can one execute from CLI and present the output in a different web container such as a wiki or other tomcat?

Thank you in advance!


Is it possible to export information about input/output of selected services?

I would like to have possibilities to store documented input/output of services (save it for external or internal usage).

WmDoc looks promising, but couln’t find such option.