Documentation availability

It has been announced that the documentation area will be moved to empower and that one will have to log in to be able to see it. Could someone of SAG explain the rationale behind this decision? Is it “security by obscurity”? Or what? I wonder what this could be since I think it’s not a common practice to hide the docs form the public access.


Software AG is postponing this based on customer feedback and is taking comments and suggestions on another thread:

Please comment there to convey needs/concerns and issues if some or all documentation is placed in Empower instead of being publicly available, and if some documentation MUST be public, which manuals those are.

If it’s easier to provide use case scenarios, please feel free to do that.

Brian, I tried that link but it reports:
“The topic you are looking for is no longer available.”

I Peter, you need to delete the end point…