Document Types - Custom Attributes

Does anyone know how the custom attributes works? Basically, I’m trying to understand how the assignment for a custom attribute is define.

A custom attribute holds data extracted from a document being processed. Once a document type is recognized, the standard and custom fields are extracted from the document. Then you can use them to determine which rules to invoke, retrieve the data from the custom attribute instead of the doc directly, etc.



I still don’t quite follow. For example, I have a custom attribute name “attribute1”. It store a string value. Now, when the document is received in TN, I see that the “attribute1” has a value of “ZZTEST”. My question is, how did TN assign the “attribute1” with the value of “ZZTEST”.

Normally it is set via the TN doc type definition, if memory serves. It can also be done via code in the gateway service or perhaps even in the processing service.