Document transformation to soap RPC

Hello, I’m a new Webmethod’s user. I would like to know if there is a way to transform a document to soap rpc values? Perhaps this transformation could be made with an xsl stylesheet with the ndf file of the document? Thank you for your answers.

Can you help me understand why you want to do this? Why take a perfectly good soap document/literal message and ruin it by transforming to soap-rpc? :slight_smile:

But, yes, soap messages are just XML documents and as such can be transformed using XSLT like any other XML or HTML document if you know how to create the XSL stylesheet.


  1. Review the SOAP Developer’s Guide in …Developer\doc\guides for your SOAP options.

  2. Would strongly encourage you to not use SOAP RPC. There are many threads on the forums about this. Basically, SOAP RPC introduces interoperability issues and is generally to be avoided. Not just in IS but in any toolset.

Thank you for your answers. I’m going to try to be clearer for my request. In fact I would like since a document type to have the body of a soap RPC values. Is it a way to have the constraints of the document in order to put them in soap rpc values?

I know that there is the webmethods service “pub.client:soapRPC” but it builts the soap rpc response since the input document type and the target document! Perhaps I use it in a wrong way. If you have any samples, I’m interested. Thank you.


I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand what you are wanting to do. Are you trying to expose a service using soap-rpc or consume a soap-rpc service provided by another party?

Do you want to create a WSDL to describe your soap-rpc service or are you trying to use a WSDL provided by someone else?


Sorry for my description, it’s not easy to explain. But I’ve found a solution with an XSL Stylesheet. My solution: I use the service “pub.doc.ui:getNodeData” from the package WmDoc (downloaded on webmethods website). With it, I have all the constraints for each variable of the document. (the service find the node.ndf of the document) This file contains all the namespace, constraints… for each parameter of the document. Finally with the xslt, I scan this file and produce the soap rpc associated for the document.
The goal of this transformation is to test webservices that call others webservices with Soap RPC. With this program, I have the response of these services. Thank you sincelery for your answers and sorry for my problem’s description.