document:documentListToDocument usage

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I am trying to understand the usage of document:documentListToDocument method. Followed the steps given in the documentation on a simple document structure (i.e., all the elements of the document list are strings only) and I could get the document from document list.

Now I want to use this service on complex document structure such as shown in the attached screenshot (i.e., some elements in the document list are documents). I want to to specify EmployeeList/Name/FirstName as the value to the ‘value’ input param. I tried with below options but none of them worked.

  1. EmployeeList/Name/FirstName

Could you please advise how can I specify ‘FirstName’ in Employee List as the input for ‘value’ param?

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EmployeeList document list.png

You can fill the setValue as the variable substitution as checked given with the xpath of the FirstName extract from the first iteration

for example:

Can anyone explain how to take values from the document that we get by converting a DocumentList to a document.

We use documentListToDocument to generate document based on Key/Value pairs document list.

The field names of the document generated will be all the keys and their values will be the corresponding values.
For getting the some value in the document you need to refer to the feild name which is the key name of the value you are looking for.

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I have done that step, After that am I able to map the document or use the values in the document in the next step?
As I dont know what will be the output document in advance, am I able to do that??
Can you explain with an example??