Document - Create standalone vs having doc ref


Does anyone know how to create a standalone IS document type vs having bunch of document references created based on the xsd? Actually, what’s the simplies way considering this xsd is a OAG BOD. This document type must be created in v6.5 with SP3. Thanks.

while creating a document from xsd, there is a option and you have to choose to make it inline, then references docuement will not be created…


Thanks but that option is either only on v7.1.x or v8. I have v6.5 with SP3.

Not ideal but perhaps create it with 7.1 (or 8) then copy the document type to 6.5.

Then I will suggest after creating it, open main document and expend it and now click on first reference doc and now in property change Type from Document Reference to Document and it will not depend on that reference doc. Please repeat this for all the inside reference documents one by one…

I hope it will help you…