Document B2B Integrations

We have created dozens of complicated Integrations. Does anyone know a useful method or tool to produce end-user/ technical documentation on the defined services? A few samples would be appreciated as well.

Hi Gabor,
GEAR Methodology has all the necessary templates available.
But for ease of use we have our own custom made template based on GEAR.Would like to know how do you perform testing cycles for your integrations…


Another option, which I think is often overlooked, is to place docs/comments on the Input/Output tab of each service. This can be in HTML format. Then right click on the service and select View as HTML. This produces a page showing all the comments at the top, along with inputs, outputs, a flow overview and flow detail. Save this generated file and you have your doc.

Regarding GEAR –

It can be a tad difficult to navigate at times. I often use a modifed GEAR template (i.e. changing table properties, clumn names, etc) for my projects. GEAR provides a clean starting point but you will need to apply its concepts to your particular engagement.

Also, Rob just touched on a good point. You can use the “View as HTML” faeture of Developer to see you Flow expressed as easy-to-follow HTML. It clearly shows mapped values and hard-coded variables. The Input/Output tab’s Comments section is printed at the top of the generated HTML. It does not, however, include line breaks.

To use the Comments tab, I would surround the entire text with

. That will render usuable comments at the top of your HTML output.

Thank you very much for the replies.
Two comments:

  1. I do use the HTML, however this format doesn’t contain all information, e.g.: record fields, input for execSQL services, etc. What I “dream” of is a documentum in which I could easily track down the contents of a record or variable through the pipeline.
  2. I know nothing about Gear Technology. Could you Prabhu send me more details, please. Thanks