Docker container natural-ce:9.1.1 not starting because of expired license

The natural-ce:9.1.1 docker container is not starting anymore (since 01. January 2020) because of expired license.

Here’s part of the logs:

Starting up NaturalDevelopmentServer at internal port 2700

Your license for 'Natural Development Server 9.1.1' has expired!

NDV started correctly!


Still the same issue in june in the natural-ce container. Both the ndv91.xml and the nat91.xml expired on : <ExpirationDate>2019/12/31</ExpirationDate>

As a workaround if you have the licenses by yourself you can substitude them into the container even its stopped with a similar command as:

docker cp ndv91.xml naturalContainer:/opt/softwareag/common/conf/ndv91.xml
docker cp nat91.xml naturalContainer:/opt/softwareag/common/conf/nat91.xml

Hope it helps while its not updated,
José Miguel