Do you use business terminology for your transition conditions?

Let me explain what I mean…

In Modeller, all my steps are in “business terminology” e.g. “Validate Request”, or “Publish Response” etc.

But I have various conditional transitions. The problem is all of those conditions I have actually directly used basic fields in the pipeline data. These can be quite complex conditions that end up looking like a mess on the model.

So it occurred to me that maybe a common pattern is actually to do the logic for the condition within the process step, and simply output a field called related to the business condition e.g. “FailedValidation” or “RequiresAccountLookup” etc. Then I just use these in my transition conditions.

This would mean my model stays much cleaner and the entire model stays in business terms.

Is this the normal pattern people have adopted?


Hi jtu100,

Normally you can write complex transition condition and then double click on the transition line and change its label to signify the business objective.

Changing transition labels wont change the transition logic defined inside.

Hope this helps.