Do we have to use filesystem based WmRepository2

We are using IS+TN+BI version 4.6. We have enabled DB support for TN and BI but IS is still keeping information on filesystem inside WmRepository2. As transactions number is growing, WmRepository2 files number also grows.

Inside it seams wM is keeping:
> System information,
> TNQueryResults,
>Certificates (maybe),
> some lock information to track active Conversations,
>>> but above all a very big TNConversationStore
From the file names I cannot link back conversation ID so I cannot delete old ones…

Moving conversation information from filesystem to DB should enable us to backup & maintenance data. It’s possible to migrate from repository files to Oracle DB? Have you done this before?

Any hints appreciated!

Best Regards


You are right about each the elements you listed above. In addition, certain adapters store config information in the repo. It evolved into a catchall storage area that way exceeded what it was designed to do. It is possible to move it to a DB, but that alone won’t solve the storage problems you mention as you still couldn’t delete things directly. Also keep in mind that IS will dynamically create tables at runtime–your DBA might not like this.

For 4.6, make sure you have the latest service packs for both IS and TN. In the initial releases of TN, it didn’t cleanup after itself, so that both conversation locks and query results were never deleted. After a while, as you can imagine, this will definitely cause problems. Eventually, they released an SP that created a scheduled service to periodically remove the stale entries. If you see the size only going up, you probably don’t have this servicepack.

No, it’s not possible to migrate. You’d need to reconfigure everything manually. Also, whatever route you take, it’s a wise idea to take a backup of the repo (file or DB) once you get it configured, before all the TN entries go in. Then, if something becomes corrupted, you can easily restore all the configuration information.