Do I need to install Mainframe in this envirnoment

I installed Developer and I want to access Mainframe Transaction Services. I am connecting to a server which has all the components installed - Including Mainframe Component.

Do I still need to install a Mainframe Component on my machine or just Developer is enough?


Make sure WmMainframe package exists in your Developer and also click new button and check if Mainframe Transaction service options exists in the list.


WmMainframe package exists in the Developer and I see Mainframe Transaction service options in the list when I click new button. But all the transaction services are represented with a broken file icon. When I click on these files I get the following message in the logic area of the Developer -

“The Developer Component used to create ‘Mainframe Hostpool Plugin’ is not installed. Install ‘Mainframe Transaction Plugin’”

Now, I dont get this error on a system on which ALL the wM components are installed. So does it mean that we need to install mainframe component along with the Developer on local machine, eventhough we are accessing Mainframe Transaction on remote server. BTW I could not find the transaction plugin separately on Advantage.


Use webMethods Installer to install only the Developer Mainframe plugin on your developer workstation.



I have the same problem. ("The Developer Component used to create 'Mainframe Hostpool Plugin’ is not installed. Install ‘Mainframe Transaction Plugin’")

and my webmethods installation images does not contains Mainframe plugins. Is there any way to get mainframe hostpool and transaction plugins?


Hi Arul,

same problem here! My wM installation image also does not contain the mainframe plugin. How did you solve the problem?


Yes. I have installed with different webMethods installation Image which is having Mainframe plugin. afterthat i able to see transaction plugins and all.

Hi Arul,

thanks for your fast response. I already found the solution myself.

The reason is that MIS (mainframe plugin) is not part anymore of the 7.0 release, and hence not available in the 7.0 image. However, you can still install from a 6.5 image.