distinct-values() error INOXQE6301 Runtime type exception

I’ve got records like

7 Publication generateXrecords.rb 2001-12-17T09:30:47.0Z xscio Der Papst Title 7 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

XQueries like:

let $a := distinct-values(input()/xrecord/Author)
return $a

do return the expected values. When I replace “Author” in the xquery with any other field (i.e. “sourcetype”) Tamino returns:
ino:code=“INOXQE6301”>Runtime type exception

Does anyone have a suggestion what went wrong? All fields are defined similar in the schema.
Thanks for an answer,

Hi Stephan,
Have you checked what the “explain” option gives for this query ?
Can it use indexes etc or does it do a “tablescan” ?
Different indexing could be the explanation between the field…

In any case - this does look like a very graceful answer to a polite xquery :wink:
I can see that some runtime-errors have been fixed in PL8 from July, are you running latest PL ?


Hello Finn,
oh, you’re absolutely right. I should have checked that before. When I define an index on the fields polite xqueries get polite answers :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,