Displaying record using adapter Service/ web service connect


We are trying to display the records in the portlet page using adapter/web service connector. Auto refresh property is set to “True”.

When we are trying to display the portlet in MWS by clicking the refresh, we are getting one error,

" java.rmi.ConnectException: url http://:5555/soap/rpc "

Kindly let us know, how to fix this issue.

Environment: WebMethods 7 / Oracle 10g

IS is in Sun solaris environment and MWS is in Windows XP Environment.

Thanks in Advance

Can you double check the endpointAddress in the bindings view please?

Also, you might have a look at the Soap Monitor to ensure that Soap Requests/Responses are being sent and recieved.

There is a handy article here (http://advantage.webmethods.com/article/?id=1613950753) named: Debugging Web Sevice calls inside of Composite Applications