Display txt files content with SQL


I need to display txt files content in Mashzone.
For that I parse my txt files in SQL-SQLSERVER using varbinary and I’m using a SQL Query to have the txt files content.

In my dashboard I have a rich text area to display the result of my query. But only a part of my query result is show in this widget. It’s look like txt files content are truncate when I view my dashboard.

How can I do for having all content of my txt files ?



MashZone supports 2000 characters max per table cell. If more characters are to be processed the result will be truncated. One solution could be to split the text into paragraphs of 2000 characters and to load these into different feed columns. These could be assigned to the rich text widget and will thereby show longer texts.

If the text files do not change the content could perhaps be added to the rich text widget directly.

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Thank you for your answer, I will try that.

The text fils can be change, so it can’t be added to the rich text widget directly