Disk space availability of machines


I want to check disk spaces of machines(physical systems). I want a service to find out the disk space availability information, the service will be running on IS and fetches information of diskspace/memory availability in other servers (like database, ibm mainframe, file system, etc).

Is there any built in service in wm which does this activity, or we need to write a java service to accomplish the task.

Any replies are highly appreciated.



I’m also interested on the subject as I did a strong monitoring of my platforms. What I can say :

  • Local monitoring :
  • You can found some informations using services used in DSP admin pages or calling the corresponding API (as memory usage, or such)
  • You can have additional information as CPU load call Broker API … but obviously you need having a locally running broker.
  • You can obviously running some custom JAVA service to launch OS command to retrieve needed information …
  • remote monitoring :
  • Nothing in wM will allow you do do such monitoring or you have to cheat by creating custom JAVA service contacting remote SNMP …

I did lot of test and I definitively exclude IS for this task : it’s clearly not its purpose and most important, facing race condition, you can’t guaranty your monitoring will be launched.

The solution I choose is :

  • for low occurrence monitoring (i.e. disk usage), I launch a script in OS’ cron, storing the needed information in flat file and a web service is used to promote this information to my PHP web site.
  • for dynamic information (memory usage, cpu load, …), I have a cron scheduled PHP code that query directly remote SNMP agents, without involving any wM component.

You would prefere also using existing application has Nagios or such but I prefered a home made apply in order to comply totally to my needs.



imho IS is not a good choice to monitor the system it runs on. I see two main reasons here

  • There is not much support for those funcitonalities. You have to code most of it yourself.
  • Problem on the system can impact the IS, so it may not notify of the problems because of the problems.

My preferred choice is having an independent system for monitoring the underlying ressources like hardware and OS. If your company owns a license you may take a look to Optimize for Infrastructure which is part of the webMethods product line. But usually there are already specialised solutions in place and it’s easiest to stick to the existing standards. If you are looking for a new solutions, there are a lot on the market. One quite commonly used open source solution is nagios: http://www.nagios.org but there are a lot more, especially commercial ones.