Discovery page not showing in MWS


I have installed Optimize for Infrastructure, and defined/deployed a new environment in MWS. My environment also has an analytic engine, a prediction engine and a web service data collector. When I defined my environment, I added the analytic engine, the prediction engine and the WS data collector by adding from a template. I then added the IDC, but not from a template. All components are inversion

The endpoints are standard :

  • IS runs on port 5555
  • MWS runs on port 8585
  • Broker server runs on port 6849
  • IDC configuration agent runs on port 15005 and the listener runs on port 6666
    All these components are started as services.

The first thing that I find strange is that when I go to Administration > System-wide > System information, I don’t see the IDC (but I see the analytic and prediction engines and the WS data collector). Is that normal ?

The second thing that is a real problem is that I don’t see the “Infrastructure components” menu nor the “Discovery” page in MWS under Administration > Analytics.

How can I check if my installation is correctly configured ? Any idea why I wouldn’t see those pages ?

Thank you for your help,