Disable SCANning Input

We have a map that will hold 42 entries for payment processing. We scan these entries in from a scanning device that reads a bar code.

Is there any way to disable input from this bar-code scanner once the map is full and the pgm is processing ?

What is happening is once the 42nd entry is scanned the pgm will automatically start posting the payments. However, I can continue to use the scanner. When the pgm is done posting the payment, the screen gets initialized and the ones I scanned during the posting process just show up. I would like to stop the ability to use the scanner when the pgm is posting. Anyone have any ideas?


We are on unix/Natural V6.1.1

Hi Brian;

What sort of linkage ties the scanner to the computer? Computer to Natural?


Scanner is attached via USB.

I am attached to NATURAL via a Bluezone VT session (Seagull Software)

I am not familiar with the software; so the following is just a guess.

Somehow your Natural program seems to be aware that you have reached 42 entries, thus prompting the program to activate the Map.

So, if the software has the capability to turn the hardware off, you should be able to send the appropriate command.

If this is done automatically, you could employ what is called a “pre processing” rule. Specify a “dummy” layout for the Map. In the layout, code a processing rule. A processing rule for a layout is functionally a pre-processing rule for the associated map.

If the software cannot “disable” the scanner, which is busy accumulating a buffer full of scans, you could write code in the pre-processing rule to bypass the extra scans.