Differentiate between two X12 4010 810bs from same Partner

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A trading partner is sending us two different X12 4010 810’s. One is a summary invoice and one is a detailed invoice. The detail 810 is delivered 3 times a month and the summary only once a month. The processing is different for each file.
I need to process the X12 Envelope. In TN I cannot invoke two processing rules, as the sender,receiver,type of document is same. So I am having to do it in a custom gateway service.
My Question is, is there a way to differentiate this document in TN itself and invoke the corresponding service?
The BIG08 Code value for one file is 53 and the other is 54.
Any help is appreciated.
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One option you can try is submitting both the 810’s to TN and invoke a processing rule where in you convert the EDI to XML string and then resubmit the xml to TN.create two TN XML doc types with different identifying queries each with a different BIG08 value.
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Another option is to have one rule that invokes a service that can handle both. The service does housekeeping (converting the bizdoc to an IS document structure, etc.) and then checks BIG08. Based on the value it invokes one service for summary and another service for detail. I think this will be the cleaner way, rather than goop up your TN config for something that is relatively simple.

Would advise strongly against doing the eval in a gateway service. You’ll essentially need to parse the entire file to find each individual 810.

Hey Thanks everyone,

Rob kind of reiterated my proposed design and I got my manager to approve it. I created a gateway service that checks the BIG08 code and invokes the appropriate service.

Thanks for you help!

“…created a gateway service that checks the BIG08 code…”

Is this “gateway” service the service invoked by a TN processing rule? Or is it a service that does some pre-processing before submitting the document to TN?

I ask because the term “gateway service” has a very specific meaning within the IS/TN context–it is a service that “front-ends” TN.

This gateway service submits the document to TN where the appropriate Processing rule is invoked. Our client does a HTTPS post to this gateway service, and the service determines what type of file this is and invokes the processing rule accordingly and sets the user status of the document for easy identification in TN.

Thank you.