Different Output formats for CMPRTnn in Natural Batch

Hi folks,

with the parameter BMSIM=MF (Similar Batch Mode Output) one is able to change the outputformat for the batch output file CMPRINT.

Natural documentation 6.1.1 for BMSIM:

Forces output similar to Natural for Mainframe Version 2.3. Each line in CMPRINT is filled with trailing blanks.

A control character appears at the beginning of each line of CMPRINT. The control character codes are similar to the IBM control character option ASA.

A customer has now more than one outputfile from a natural batch, currently on mainframe but in the near future on windows, CMPRINT and CMPRT01.

By using BMSIM=MF the output is populated “correctly” in MF-style in CMPRINT, but in CMPRT01 the output style is like the default on the operating system the natural is running on.

Is there a chance / a flag to change the output style of CMPRTnn as well like it is done with CMPRINT ??

Thanks in advance
Dirk Holbeck

No, apparently there is currently no way to control the layout of the alternative reports CMPRTnn.
Bad luck for the moment, +o:-(

This is causing my client a fair bit of grief. The batch portion of their application is tested under Windows, but production is executed on a mainframe. CMPRINT is used exclusively as an audit trail; all user reports are written to CMPRTnn. We would like to apply BMSIM to those reports.

This problem is now my problem. The report format has to be kept unchanged after migration from Natural for Mainframe to Natural for Windows as the reports will be further processed by an other application. Once again as you, I go through the manual for a solution but with no luck.

Is the use of BMSIM for CMPRTnn still not available? or anyone know some trick to make it work?


I’d suggest creating a change request