Hai All!

Can any one tell me the wat is the Diffrence between Flow service nad Java Service…

Anil kumar

A flow service is a service that is written in the webMethods flow language. This simple yet powerful language lets you encapsulate a sequence of services within a single service and manage the flow of data among them.

The difference b/w a Java and Flow service is the language they are written in. We can do pretty much all the stuff in a Flow service and so in a Java service but it is recommended to create java services only when the Flow service which does the same job needs more efforts.


The basics of the Flow language are covered in the Developer User’s Guide.

Hai San!

I am not clear with ur statements on Difference between Java service and flow service,can u tell me with an Example where we need to go for javaservice and flow service creation.

wat information on how can we estimate one problem can be done through the java service r Flow service


There is no hard and fast rule for using a Flow or Java service. It basically depends on what are you trying to achieve, what is your comfort level with Java/Flow services and the expertise level required to accomplish your task.

for example I’ve used Java services in situations like comparing strings, creating zip files , converting null to space etc.



Its always advisable to use the flow language and various other bulilt in services provided by webMethods. However in case if any specific functionality to suit your requirement and is not present in the built in services then you could you use your own java services.