Difference between webMethods 46 and 601 versions


I’m pretty new to webMethods. Can anyone of you pls tell me what are the main differences between webmethods 4.6 and 6.0.1.


There are release notes for 6.01 that detail the differences between the versions. It would take many many paragraphs to detail the changes here.

Here are the release notes for wM v6.0 that highlights the new features:

webMethods Integration Platform
Version 6.0
Release Notes

webMethods is pleased to introduce webMethods integration platform 6.0. This release includes improvements to the performance, manageability, and usability of the entire webMethods integration platform. In addition, the platform provides the infrastructure you need to successfully deploy Web-services-based integration (WSBI) across your enterprise.

For a list of enhancements and issues that have been addressed since the release of webMethods integration platform 4.6, see the webMethods component readme files. Each readme file also contains globalization information about its component. You can access the readme files from webMethods Installer 6.0, the webMethods Advantage Bookshelf, or the directory in which you installed the component.

webMethods Integration Platform 6.0 Components
webMethods Administrator 6.0
webMethods Broker 6.0
webMethods Developer 6.0
webMethods Installer 6.0
webMethods Integration Server 6.0
webMethods Mainframe 6.0
webMethods Modeler 6.0
webMethods Monitor 6.0
webMethods Trading Networks 6.0 and webMethods EDI Module 6.0
webMethods Workflow 6.0

webMethods Administrator 6.0
webMethods Administrator 6.0 provides a centralized administration portal into webMethods integration platform 6.0. We realize it is important for system administrators to be able to segment work on your development, test, and production systems, and webMethods Administrator gives you this flexibility.

Unified Administration
webMethods Administrator is a Web-based central portal that offers significant monitoring capabilities. Using webMethods Administrator, you can view and manage your webMethods deployment using a single interface from any host in the network.

Admin Organization
webMethods Administrator provides two different views: a high-level network view of all webMethods Integration Servers, Brokers, and adapters on your network, and a more detailed server view that displays information about configurations, versions, and usage statistics. In addition, webMethods Administrator lets you create views of logical groups, such as development, test, production, and project teams. Your administrators will find that these logical views greatly simplify the management and servicing of the webMethods integration platform.


webMethods Broker 6.0
webMethods Broker 6.0, the high-speed messaging switch of the webMethods integration platform, introduces enhanced administration and cluster support.

Web-based Administration
All webMethods Broker-related management capabilities have been incorporated into a single tool, Broker Administrator. This Web-based tool replaces the Manager tool and allows you to administer webMethods Broker using a single interface from any host in your network.

Broker Cluster Publisher API
The new Broker Cluster Publisher API enables you to create a Broker client that can publish documents to multiple Brokers in a Territory. The client can distribute document flow among two or more Brokers.

This release also includes these notable features:
7 Support for Sun Cluster 3.0

7 Support for Brokers running on AIX 5.1 Cluster


webMethods Developer 6.0
webMethods Developer 6.0 streamlines webMethods’ servic

How to convert encrypted files in webmethods?


Yes webmethods can handle Encrypted files.

So what type of files are you using…(EDIINT,flatfiles over FTP…)??

If it is for EDIINT then use TripleDES algorithm in the TN to decrypt,for flatfiles there are some builtin services for (PGP Encryption/Decryption) in the WmEDIForTN package

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