Difference between Integration solution and Business process management?

What is the differences between Integration solution and business process management?
Its given that
Integration solution is a solution to enabling applications to share data
Business process management enables you to automate business processes where a business process is series of business activities that are performed in a specific order.

So my question is –
I think both are same which are explained in different ways right?
Bcoz enabling applications to share data means making applications to communicate properly while the business process management is also doing the same right?

I am fully confused:confused::confused:

Please help:(!!!

Hi, BPM is more than integration, I can integrate 2 Data Bases like Oracle with SAP or just use webMethods to invoke a webservice and insert in a tables the webservice’s data. But with BPM I can design a big business architecture, integrate diferent systems and much more, generate interfaces with logical where users have to take actions and they have to monitoring the thiferent step of process. I Paste for you a URL where you can find a picture with a BPM model.

It helped me a lot reading this book: [url]The Web page cannot be found

“BPM for dummies” will solve your questions and much more, worth reading it!

PD: “Dummies” is part of the Book name :smiley:

Thank you all for your replies :slight_smile: