difference between 7x and 8x

hi team

what is the main difference between 7x and 8x

Hi Naresh,

I guess you are preparing for a interview :lol: (Most common question asked). Its better you have a look at the SAG documentation. But anyways here is your answers (few)…

1> You can kill/cancel a thread on wM 8.x IS but not on wM 7.x
2> Developer is deprecated in wM 8.x and SAG recommends Designer
3> Differences in JAVA JDK version
4> There are differences in flow step properties between wM 7.x and 8.x. (I advice you to explore this
5> TN console is deprecated in wM 8.x and and SAG recommends MWS.
6> BIS services added and deprecated between wM 8.x and wM 7.x (Have a look at the read me guides, release notes and BIS guides)
7> For other differences kindly refer SAG documentation (product or task)


SAG version namming conventions it self says the difference is lot

It’s not easy to explain every thing in forum. Please come up with question regarding component level

Member can guide you easily

By Going trough the Release Notes of both the versions you get some information on what are all the new features added in all the components.