Diff between Java service amp Flow Service

Hi could any one explain the difference between a java service and a flow service.


Narasim, the logic within a webMethods Java service is created by writing Java code. Sometimes Java services are needed to do some complex stuff, or something that isn’t offered by a webMethods built-in-service (For example: a custom Transformer service). The Java code can be entered directly in the webMethods Developer or you can use an external IDE. Look at the webMethods Developer User’s Guide (6.0.1.) page 324 for info on building services using Java and page 333 on how to build Java services with your own IDE.

The logic within a webMethods Flow Service is created using the webMethods Flow language. Chapter 7 (Building Flow Services) in the webMethods Developer User’s Guide (6.0.1.) will tell you everything you need to know about Flow Services.


Thnx Wayne, I would go through the Developers User’s guide.