DIC2641 NO MASTER FILE FOUND (Predict on Unix)

Looked for a solution to this error on ServLine, all I found was that it was resolved on previous releases, earlier than our current 4.4.1
Can someone give me a clue what Predict is trying to tell me?
I do have a std file loaded.
Thanks in advance

ok, I solved part of it… By master file it means the adabas file, you cannot load a ddm or user view before you load the adabas file(read:master),So is there a file type param I can specify in the unload on the Mainframe that will only take the Adabas files ie: master files,?
Thanks in advance

It sounds like you have a DDM without a definition in Predict? When you do the migrate load, the Adabas files are loaded before the userviews, before the relationships etc. I am migrating Predict objects from one dictionary to another all the time, but not the entire dictionary. I create an Extract (or extracts) with the Adabas Files first, then another with the userviews and relationships. The only time I have received this error (or something similar - don’t remember) was when I forgot to load the Adabas file first.
Hope this helps

Ok, yes, thats exactly whats happening, If I load the Adabas file alone, then there’s no problem. So then my next question: Is There is a parameter that I can enter to select only Adabas files in the extracts? That apparently is the piece missing to my puzzle… I’ve tried deciphering the documentation, havent quite been able to find it yet.
thanks Priscilla.

My solution was to create a list of only Adabas files then do the unload on the mainframe with only the Adabas files, I did one Application at a time. When I did the load on the Linux box, Predict saw to it that the userview was loaded as well… I like the way that worked. Nice when you can answer your own questions.