diarize functionality on task suspend and resume task after

Hi All,

am calling flow service in CAF task, output of flow service true or false, and refreshing the flow service on continue button in task, if it gives true value than i need suspend the task for one hour than i need to resume back the task after one hour -time.

can any one help me how can i achieve this functionality of diarize functionality in task waiting task one hour time.

Anil kumar Ellendula

Can you try the following?

  • Use the standard task apis to suspend the task when appropriate
  • Use a date time event to check for suspended tasks and re-enable them after they’ve been suspended for one hour.

From what you’ve described, that should probably meet your requirements.


Hi mimel,

Thanks for reply, i have done below steps.

i have created one date object in business data, in action method where am calling flow service , in o/p of flow service gives true than am making calender and setting 60 minutes to the date object of business data, after am suspending the task using suspendingTask().

i have created event in the event Tab , selecting resumed eventType and extra conditions i have set the ANy is true option and given condition has #{currentTask.taskData.businessdata.untillDate} is less than #{System.currentDateTime} and #{currentTask.taskData.businessdata.untillDate} is empty.


i have created new task i have suspended the task untillDate in taskdata added 60 minutes, after one hour it is not resumed back.

Please help me on this.

Anil kumar Ellendula

I’m sorry, i made a mistake. The date / time events will only search Active Tasks, and so i gave you some wrong advice.

At this point, i think you might need to use a scheduling mechanism outside of the Task Engine. I think it might make sense to schedule a one time task in Integration Server when you suspend the task. Pass the taskID that you suspended to the OneTimeTask and then in your callback service re-activate the Task.


Hi Mimel,

Thanks for reply, can you please explain me what i need to do for suspended task at integration.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Here’s the high level steps starting with your step which is:

  • Suspend the task in your task client using the TaskEngine API
  • Invoke a Flow service that takes the id of the suspended task
  • That flow service creates a OneTimeTask with a callback to another flow service you’ve written. Pass a document to the OneTimeTask scheduler that contains the taskid
  • In the callback flow service which should be called one hour later, resume the taskid that is passed in the document

For implementation help on the Flow Services you’ll probably need to use another forum dedicated to IS.