Developerbs User Guide

Hi All,
Has anyone created a developer user’s guide for their company that discusses performance tuning and proper coding standards to minimize performance issues? If so, are you willing to share your documentation?
We are trying to create one in-house and any information to put this together would be greatly appreciated.

Hi marie,

I am looking out for developer user guide for our in-house reference(as you have discussed).have you created any such documents.Are you willing to share your documentation.

your reply would be greatly appreciated.


Have you looked at GEAR? GEAR is a compilation of white papers, checklists, templates, spreadsheets, and other resources, aimed at helping customers implement webMethods projects more effectively and efficiently.

Customers and partners of webMethods can download GEAR from webMethods Advantage (

While your in Advantage, be sure to check out the Product Technical Notes listed in the Best Practices section ( You’ll find additional information about tuning for performance in this section.


Hi nathen,

thanks for your reply but i am trying to compile all the resources into one single handbook,essentially like one shop stop for all resources covering all aspects with appropriate topics.i have one question will it be really worth while to prepare such a guide or refer materials from GEAR itself

all inputs in this regard are welcome


Hi, all.

Just to chime in here, GEAR is a fantastic resource for official webMethods notes and tips. You will find much of what you need through Advantage.

Beyond GEAR, I’d suggest to poke around wMUsers – specifically, look at old Ezine articles. Also, the discussion forums are a great source of non-supported solutions to webMethods-related issues.

One of the many strengths of wMUsers is that it can present in-the-field opinions and solutions for webMethods stakeholders. I am not sure if GEAR supplements the findings of our members or vice versa, at times. :wink:

I always thought that there is a market for a webMethods Primer – a guide describing everything you need to know to get started with webMethods. Not too technical, not too simple – just a primer. I once approached webMethods with the idea and they seemed interested at the idea.

I need you help building mime message, with ref to below posting in past message posted by you to

Please forward the sample code, I’ve tried my best to work on it but no gain.
please explain below,

Rupinder, I think your debugging has helped us all reach a better level of understanding about using multipart MIME messages between Integration Server and a Web server.

My final solution was to write a service that builds the multipart message “manually”. The service is called “buildMultipartMessage” and it accepts a few inputs:
boundary – a random string used for boundarys
name – used for the “name” field
content-type – used to designate the content type (i.e. text/xml, application/pdf)
string – used for the body of the message between boundaries. This can be a string or a string-representation of a binary object.

Each time that I want to add a new part to my multipart form-data, I will call this service and pass it the proper parameters – being careful to send the same boundary – and use pub.string:concat to add them together.

When all parts have been added and my string is complete, I map that to the string element in the pub.client:http Service In variable. I also set the headers variable to the following:

what is the difference between wM 4.6 and 4.01 version?

In addition to a bunch of fixes, webMethods added support for SOAP, web services and XSLT. I’m sure there is more, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

I think there should be some good info in the Developer Release Notes. If you don’t have it installed locally, you can view them on Advantage: