Awesome new guide from webMethods

There is a new guide that references all of the errors that we see each and every day.

TITLE: webMethods_Integration_Platform_Error_Message_Reference.pdf

From webMethods:

This guide lists the high and critical severity run-time errors for the webMethods Integration Platform, gives explanations for the causes of the errors, and recommends actions a user can take to remedy them. It contains information for system administrators responsible for the operational health of the webMethods Integration Platform to enable them to monitor and react to errors and events. The book is also useful for developers who are responsible for error handling.

FYI for those who can get to advantage, go to webMethods Integration Platform-wide documentation.


One thing to note is that guide is for IS 6.0.1 only.

can you please tell the location of this file… as to where can i grab a copy from

Sonam, good point on that (6.01 only.) I used it yesterday when I received an error that I did not expect. The guide told me to call technical services :slight_smile: - DOH!

This document can be found in the Advantage “Bookshelf” section under Integration Server 6.01. To get the document, first login to Advantage, then click on this link (or paste it into your browser window): [url=“”][/url].


Mark Carlson,

I know it’s been a year since ur message was posted… Could you please send me that document to my mail id please ? mine is

Thanks a ton

The posted link is still valid. If you are a webMethods customer this is one more reason to go to Advantage.



You’ll need to go to Advantage to get this document. We won’t distribute webMethods content (articles, white papers, documentation, etc.) for lots of good reasons.