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Hi Everybody,
I have a problem. My developer on IS 6.0.1 is not starting suddenly. It was working fine till yesterday and suddenly it stopped working. When I click on the Developer, it opens a blank screen with the menu…but it does not prompt me for usr name and pwd. Is it because of the JVM? I am scared…all the code is in the developer…Pleaseee…help me…

Thank you all,

A few suggestions…Try going to a command line (MS-DOS prompt) and running the developer.bat file in the bin directory. That way you will see if there are any errors in the dos window. If you get the menu, do you see the ‘open’ icon at the top left?

Also, your code is actually on the server - it is accessed from the developer so you should be ok. Has anything changed between your local machine and the server?

Thnx Will, but the problem is …i have done couple of packages on my local machine and have to export into the main machine. I can see Session and “open” but when i click on that nothing happens. Do i need to reinstall my developer? If i reinstall it…i guess it will delete previously saved components of webmethods. I am confused. Please help me.

Hi Sherry,
Like Will said, no code reside in the developer. All code is found in the server. The developer is just a nice GUI interface. All comonenets are in the server under the packages directory. You can reinstall the developer without fear of losing code.

Jim Palmer

Hi Jim,

I have installed the Developer again. But it is still not working.
:-(( Please help me…!

Sherry :frowning:

Sounds like you have a problem on the server side when you installed your recent packages. Who installed your new packages into the server? Are you the only one using webMethods at your company?

Can you go into the administrator and make sure the server is running and that all packages loaded correctly. Please look at all the logs and try to provide us with more information (ie. do some troubleshooting). And stay calm!

Is your local server running? If so, can you connect to it from another machine? Do you have enough memory on your local machine? The developer starts with 128M and the server defaults to the same, I believe. You can adjust these in the batch scripts. Not enough memory could cause the issue your having.

Did you uninstall the developer first? WM doesn’t overinstall very well.


Hi Will,

Actually, I was trying to install couple of packages. By mistake i copied WmEDIINT package from the test box and then installed in the dev box. Is this have something to do with the problem? Only 2 people work on webmethods. Me and one more person. I have theadmin rights as well as Developer. what can I do? I am continously refreshing this page to see replies…please help me
Thank you

In the developer tool, you mentioned you still have access to the menu system. Can you click on ‘Help > Support Information’ click the ‘Copy All’ button on the Dialog Box that pops up, and paste it into a message here?

Hi Jim,

My local server is running. I have 512 MB RAM. Developer was running fine till yesterday. Suddenly it went down. I have over installed it. How do I uninstall it and install it separately. I have windows XP on my machine. What is the command to uninstall it at the dos prompt. I over installed it and it did not work… Same problem.


Hi Eric,
This is what I have in it.

Developer Environment Settings:
Version: 6.0.1 (425)
Updates: misapi60
SSL: Strong (128-bit)
Plug-Ins: Connection Data Plugin
Flat File Schema plug-in;Version 6.0.1
Flat File Dictionary plug-in;Version 6.0.1
Flat File Schema
Flat File Dictionary
Mainframe Plugin
Developer Classpath: C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\updates\misapi60.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\lib\developer.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\lib\client.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\lib\ite3.jar;
Java Version: 1.3.1 (47.0)
Java Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java Home: C:\Program Files\webMethods6\jvm\win.sun13\jre
Java Classpath: C:\Program Files\webMethods6\jvm\win.sun13\jre\LIB\rt.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\jvm\win.sun13\jre\LIB\i18n.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\LIB\mail.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\LIB\proxy.jar;C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer\LIB\ssl.jar
OS: Windows 2000
OS Platform: x86
OS Version: 5.1
Current User: Owner
Working Dir: C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer
Locale: en_US


Hi Sherry,

If you can access the Admin through the browser, you shgould be able to see all your packages under the Packages/Management link. You should archive all your custom packages before continuing. These packages will be places under the relicate/outbound directory. Copy all your packages to a safe place. This will preserve your current code.

Next, try disabling packages and see if that helps. Don’t disable the WmRoot or WmPublic packages.

If this doesn’t work, then you might try uninstalling all of webmethods and reinstalling. Since your using Wm 6.0*, that may be the only way to completely uninstall. Be sure to save any custom packages and config files before trying this.


Sherry, how are you progressing with this ?

If you are going to reinstall webMethods I have one recommendation: Don’t install it under <drive>:\Program Files
I don’t think this is causing your current problem…but it may cause you problems later (trust me…been there…done that).
Our company standard is to install webMethods at the root of your drive, for example:




Thanks Jim and Wayne. But is there no other way other than uninstalling webmethods. It was working fine till yesterday and suddenly it went down and it is not showing any error. I feel that there is some Java error…may be the path…but am not sure how to solve this. Do i really need to uninstall everything and install it again?
Thanks Wayne for your suggestion. I will definitely keep that point in my mind.

Hi Sherry.
You say that “it (developer) was working fine till yesterday and then suddenly it went down”. Between the time it was working and when it stopped working have you thought real hard about anything/everything that was changed on your local workstation? (within webMethods or any other Windows configuration changes ?)

Before we talk about uninstall/install of webMethods components here’s a few comments & questions:

  1. Since you only have 512MB of ram…are you trying to run other apps in addition to webMethods IS, Developer, and web browser (?). As Jim mentioned above lack of ram could be causing your problem. Just before starting developer open up the Windows Task Manager and check how much free memory you have.

  2. Have you rebooted your PC ? (“When in doubt reboot” is my motto ) I’m sure by now you have yelled, screamed and hit your pc…but please do me a favor and reboot. After rebooting make sure you don’t have a lot of extra Windows services or applications running then try Developer and see what happens.

  3. Check your Windows event logs (select Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools and the Event Viewer). Have a look at the entries for Application. See anything logged by webMethods? It’s a long shot but it’s worth checking. Over-the-years I have discovered problems just by checking these logs.

If you are still having the problem…then it’s time to try uninstalling and reinstalling…at least Developer. (Personally I would uninstall everything and reinstall under C:\webMethods6 instead of having them under C:\Program Files\webMethods6 but you can worry about the other components later).

How to uninstall:

  1. Shut down all webMethods components and all other applications that are running on your machine. (Important! If you do not shut down all components and applications, the uninstaller will not be able to remove key files that are locked by the operating system.)
  2. Use the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, available from the Control Panel, to start the uninstaller.
  3. Select webMethods 6.0.1 as the program to uninstall.
  4. Choose the webMethods components to remove from your machine. (I would just do Developer for now…worry about moving the rest later)

The uninstaller does not delete files created after you installed Developer (for example, user-created or configuration files), nor does it delete the directory structure that contains the files. If you DO NOT want to save the files, delete the Developer installation directory (C:\Program Files\webMethods6\Developer).

Reboot your pc just to start fresh.

Now run the webMethods installer (webMethodsInstaller601.exe) and select the Developer. Make sure you install it to C:\webMethods6 and not under Program Files.

Try starting Developer.

Success ? Yes ? No ?

If Yes then relax and take a break.
If No then continue troubleshooting.

Either way let us know what happens.



Out of curiosity are they any entries in the server log when you try to start developer?

Hi Wayne,
What is the issue with loading under Program Files? We haven’t seen that before and when loading on a windows platform, we generally do load it under Program Files.


Some VMs have an issue with file name resolution when dealing with a space in the fully qualified path of the file object. It varies from VM (Sun/IBM), and in my experience occurs only on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Hi Jim. The extra characters (Program Files) in the path caused me grief awhile ago when trying to start the Integration Server. BTW I think this was back when I was using webMethods pre-v6 (IS 4.6). As you know the paths to the jars/zips under <is_install>\lib\system are concatenated at server startup. Well like you (and many other people) I had IS and everything else installed under <drive>:\Program Files\webMethods. Things started out fine-and-dandy but at a certain point my IS wouldn’t start up. Eventually I discovered I was blowing some max command size (a Windows limitation I believe). I only found what the error was after loading my server.bat file with echos and pauses. That’s when I realized all of the unnecessary characters in the path and decide to move everything just below the root. Just think there are 14 extra characters for every jar/zip that needs to be added to the path.
Others may have experienced the same thing, while others may not experience this problem. It depends on how much you have installed on IS.
Anyway, after I uninstalled and reinstalled under the root of my drive the problem went away (I was able to eliminate 14 * n characters from the path). Talk about trimming the fat

When I installed webMethods 6 I made sure to continue the practice of installing directly under the drive root.

There may be other ways around this problem.( Maybe the default max command size can be increased ?) I didn’t look into this…



Hi Sherry, sorry for the delay, everything looks fine to me with regards to the info you pasted from the 'Help > Support Information", I went so far as to try the same JRE version you were using.

You won’t see anything in the “server.log”, as messages will only get there after you connect to a server, which you aren’t yet. The developer tool by default sends its log messages to the java console where you started it. Do you see any messages there? Something you could try is editing the “ini.cnf” file in your Developer tool’s ‘config’ directory, and change the “-debug 4” to “-debug 10” and when you start the developer tool, redirect the output to a file (because you’ll likely get a large amount of logging output, too much to buffer on the console). To do this, run ‘developer > developer.log’ at the command line, then when you shut down the developer tool, you should be able to open the log in an editor (wordpad) and look for significant error messages.