Determining a Large Document


I am using WM 4.6 and seem to be having some difficulty understanding what to do with a large doc. We are trying to use Rosettanet standards and are receiving an RNO file from our subcon. If we receive a large doc from them (or ourselves during testing) then it fails at an Inbound Validation step during the conversation script.

I know why it is failing because I have not set up the conversation script to deal with large docs. I am unsure about where I should start with the process. I have read through the documentation but am still confused.

The documentation has a section called “Determining Where the Document Content is Stored”. It states to use the BizDocEnvelope to determine if a document is large. How do I do this? Am I supposed to set up my own service which branches on one of these fields?

Next, once I do have the document recognized as a large document, the documentation says to use the getContentPartData service. When using this, do I need to repeat over each Part in order to use the whole document?

Another note is should I be using large doc at all. I know there is a way to shut it off, but I don’t know if I should. The only reason the file is a large document is because it is a Rosettanet document which tends to be quite big. I only have 300 or so records within the file, but that is enough to make it large. From the examples given in the wmTNSamples package, it seems like the large doc is more of a way to filter out certain records. I on the other hand want to use all the records, but only need to use certain information in those records.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. I will be happy to answer anyone’s questions or take any suggestions.

  • John Oggenfuss