Detecting Save/RestorePipeline steps in a flow service/package


More often than not, we tend to use Save/RestorePipeline service in our flow services for debugging during development.

Is there a way to detect if a package or the services contained in them have a Save/RetorePipeline step (either enabled or disabled).

The intent is to design a service which takes the package name as input and gives the list of services that contain the Save/RestorePipeline service in them.

Kindly suggest.


I’d suggest to search for occurrences of “pub.flow.restorePipelineFromFile” in the files “flow.xml” in the subfolders of packages//ns.

If you are working on 8.x version, I’d suggest you to use the service property " pipeline Debug" to save/restore the pipelines. This can be switched off at a global level using extended setting property.

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Simple! You can right click on those services, and choose the option ‘Fine Dependants’, which will list all the services that uses it. Or use wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent and provide the complete namespace of services you want to check for any dependancy.

Note - This is a WmRoot service, and not supported officially. I assume, the intent of your question is to clean up the code, and this is not involved in any actual logic of your interface flow.


Mervin: which property can we use to do that?


Mervin: Are you talking about watt.server.pipeline.processor global setting above?

Thats’s right, RMG.

Please see the above setting: