Details Needed about the Active File Transfer Server in webMethods

Hi Team,
I am new to webMethods and i am looking for a file transfer server component with in the integration server. Previously we use FTP to post the file from one business to other. Recently i heard of the Active File Transfer server which is built in with the webMethods. Can any one please guide me in installing that and let me know on how to use the same.


Software AG is pleased to announce the availability of webMethods ActiveTransfer 7.2. It is an integrated, advanced managed file transfer solution that provides a single point of control for all file transfer activity, both inside and outside the extended enterprise. As a SOA-enabled solution, webMethods ActiveTransfer is fully integrated with the webMethods suite, enabling companies to replace antiquated and non-secure file transfer systems with a consolidated, easy-to-use platform.

The key features of ActiveTransfer include:

•Management of File Transfers
•Guaranteed Delivery through Checkpoint Restart
•Auditing and Reporting of File transfers
•Trigger of Business Events
•Support for open file transfer protocols
•Streaming Proxy support
•Direct integration with webMethods ESB
You can learn more about this release by reading the latest documentation on the Advantage Bookshelf (



We do not recommend implementation of ActiveTranfser 7.2 unless your organization already has license to it. We will be offering a new version of ActiveTransfer in Q3/Q4 that will be fully supported.

Ramesh Venkat

Wanted to know if ActiveTranfer is one of the transfer mechanism which is exposed via B2B TN?
Are these competing products or complimenting products?

Has anyone done any research on this?

No. TN does not depend upon ActiveTransfer for delivery.

TN and ActiveTransfer are complementary products.

Hi Team,

we need to install webMethods Active transfer server and its Gateway in order to configure MFT in MWS.

we went through the PDF “Manage File Transfer with Active Transfer” . Understood that inorder to configure “Active File Transfer” in MWS, it is required to install both server and gateway in IS. But the PDF did not have much information on installation of ATS(Active Transfer Server) in Integration Server 8.2. So now we are in need of how to install the ATS in IS 8.2.

we have tried to access the empower document for installing it but we are not able to get the document as we dont have access. It would be much helpful if any pointers or any one provide the document for installing the same.

Thanks in Advance. It would be highly appreciated if any one can help us:):slight_smile:


Did you try contact SAG tech support for retrieving the more info on the ATS install? You should reach out to them and they will support all your queries.


Can you help us with some direct tech support pointers.As we are freshers to this community, do not have much information on the support activities.
We need to do the ATS installation at the earliest.
Please help.


If you have Empower login access open a ticket with SAG and here is the direct link to reach out to SAG support.


Hi Rajkkumar,

Have you installed the Active Transfer component.

if yes can you please let me know how u did it.

I was unable to find the Active transfer component in webMethods 9.0

Is it that u need to have seperate license for this?

Can you please let me know if you have any progress on your installation,

Arun Chollety.

I was unable to find the Active transfer component in webMethods 9.0—> From the installer tree you mean?

Is it that u need to have seperate license for this? – Yes most likely for ATS.