Detailed Logging - CONNX JDBC

We are trying to conduct some assessment on the application that use CONNX. Specifically, I like to know if there is any more detailed logging of the JDBC server I can have aside from the level 1 and 2 that I can configure with the Configuration Manager.

I think that when an SQL insert comes to the CONNX JDBC Server, the sql insert is converetd into Adabas commands by the sql gateway client running in the JDBC server space. Is there a way I can figure out

  1. when the SQL Gateway client issue each of the Adabas command to the SQL Gateway server on the mainframe
  2. when the command reaches the Adabas SQL Gateway server on the mainframe.
  3. when the SQL Gateway server on the mainframe sends the command over to Adabas.

Adabas processes the command very quickly so I have no issue there.

What can I do to gather the statistics I need?


The following diagnostic information is available:

  1. Execution Workplan
    by adding the SQL Extension {statistics} to the statement

  2. JDBC Server Logging
    DEBUGLEVEL 0,1 and 2
    DEBUGVERBOSE 0 and 1

  3. Data Server Logging for Adabas
    ADA_DEBUG_TRACE_MASK settings display the contents of the Adabas buffers

Should further statistic functions be required, please contact SAG Support