CONNX - Adabas SQL Gateway install JDBC Server

Hi there.
I am new to Adabas and Adabas SQL Gateway. We are looking to install SQL Gateway V6.8 (CONNX install guide 11.5) and have a question in regards if the JDBC Server component resides on Windows only or can reside on a Unix server. THe documentation only seems to show diagrams that depict the CONNX JDBC Server as Windows based configuration although it mentions installing it on Unix as well. We have a Adabas installation on ZOS. It is not clear to us if the Unix JDBC Server is a valid configuration to access Adabas ZOS.

What is the normal or recommended platform for hosting the JDBC Server component to access Adabas ZOS?

The JDBC Server can be hosted on z/Linux, HPUX, AIX, Solaris or Linux. If you have the option of hosting it on z/Linux that will give you the best performance due to hipersocket usage between z/OS and z/Linux.

Ok thanks. We do not have Z/linux and will likely host on AIX.

Hi Jim.

AIX is a good choice, because you avoid the “Big-Little-Endian” issue.

cu Christian