Designer Startup Errors and Crash

Running Designer 8.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and when I start Designer for doing CAF development I get a couple of errors. See attached.

I tried to fix those errors by doing this :

Q: What do I need to run the SWT Browser in a standalone application on Linux or Solaris?
    A: Follow the steps below to use the SWT Browser widget in your standalone SWT application.

        A supported native browser must be installed (linux requirements) (solaris requirements).
        If a supported WebKitGTK and/or XULRunner is installed then it should be found automatically at runtime with no additional effort. For other native Mozilla-based browsers:
            Set the environment variable MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to the native browser's installation folder. e.g. setenv MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME /usr/lib/mozilla
            Set the environmnent variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME. e.g. setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME}:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
            Your standalone SWT application can now use the Browser widget. 

When I set those environment variables and try to start Designer it crashes producing a log file which I have also attached.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?


hs_err_pid7850.log (96.3 KB)


From when did you face this issue? Did it work before?

Just have a look at the below links that talks about eclipse and see if you can fix yourself:!topic/xmind/5SjPTy0MmEo

If not, you may have to contact SAG support.

Lets see what other experts says.

This is a fresh install done yesterday. So, it has never worked.

I looked at those and tried them but it did not help.

Any other ideas?

BTW: Those resolutions were for Ubuntu distros and not RH. I’m not sure if that matters or not.

No ideas as of now :frowning: I have never come across this issue before.

For now I can only suggest contacting SAG support.

But you if want to use Designer for service development only. You can try the service development on Developer (as Developer is still available on wM 8.2). Install developer.

But if you are going for CAF, BPM and others then you need Designer.