Designer Local Workstation on Citrix

Does anyone know if designer workstation on Citrix works or there is something we need to be aware of.


Yes it works.

Other than making sure you have the JVM installed with the Designer (which you should normally) and that all network accesses to the servers are cleared, you should have no issues running Designer on a Citrix session.

Beware the location of your workspace, it should be persistent otherwise you will lose all your work once you exit the session (using the user network drive is ok).

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Thanks for the response Gerard…
I know the plain designer works .

However my question was around the designer workstation with the local Integration server on Citrix.
I was wondering if there is anything that would stop the local IS from working



You have to check with your Citrix infrastructure managers as it puts has some CPU and memory usage.

Maybe it could work if your “local” IS is installed and running on a specific server (non-citrix) and you have its installation directory mounted as a network drive.

Please share your findings.

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