Designer (Eclipse) CLI

Has anyone attempted to use eclipsec.exe to execute Designer-hosted features from the command line? I’m interested in trying to execute the package/service compare tool from the CLI. Mainly to identify when differences exist between instances that should match (e.g. 2 nodes in a cluster; prod vs. dr). The intent is to alert someone to investigate rather than obtain the details of the differences.



Why don’t you want to use a file comparison tool for this? There are many of them, they are easy to use from the command line and hence in scripts.

A file comparison tool could indeed be used. But since SAG has already done the work to compare packages and the components within, and knowing which files to compare with each other for a given item such as a service, I’d thought I’d try to leverage that.

At this point, exploring options.

When i want to use features from Designer in Java service, i usually reverse engineer the features using their corresponding jar files in the plugin folder of the Eclipse. From what you are trying to do, you might want to explore the idesignereditor.jar. There are few methods in DestinationComparator class that might help you.

AFAIK, there is no official CLI for Designer that Developers can leverage but i can be wrong!


how do you apply code changes or delivery on your production and dr environment?

If done correctly by deployment (Package Publisher in IS Admin UI or just Deployer) there should never be any changes done manually on these environments.


We use Deployer. No changes done manually.

But mistakes happen. The comparison is intended as a safety net.