Designer 9.6 not showing pipeline variables in SEQUENCE inside BRANCH

We’re moving from 8.2.2 to 9.6, and I’ve noticed a strange quirk in Designer 9.6. This is best shown with an example:

BRANCH: on some pipeline variable that equals "true"
→ SEQUENCE label "true"
→ -> MAP: set value to new pipeline variable String1
→ -> MAP: String1 is not shown on the Pipeline (!)
→ SEQUENCE label "$default"
→ -> MAP: set value to new pipeline variable String2
MAP: Now I can see String1 and String2

This doesn’t affect the server at runtime - the second MAP step is able to interact with String1, even though it can’t be seen at design time.

We’ve applied Fix9 on the server side, is there perhaps a Designer fix as well? Our license is through an OEM so we’re not able to research directly on Empower.

Thanks in advance if anybody is able to help!

(edit to reflect current IS fix level)

Hi Trevor,

please check for ESB_9.6_Fix5.
This is the Service Development part of Designer.



as a workaround, you can add the required variables in input section. input variables will be available in all flow steps. once development is completed, you can remove unnecessary variables from inbound section.


True, Normally when you want to map to output variables you can put it in input tab.
Then do the mapping and remove it from input tab after mapping.

If you forget to remove it from input tab then entire pipeline variable will be lost :stuck_out_tongue:



First Have you checked this fix mainly Service Development part of Designer 9.6?

We have the similar issues with the Designer 9.7 and it resolved having with latest ESB fix.


Thanks, everybody. Our software partner will be downloading the latest ESB_9.6 fix for us to install, and we’ll give it a try.