Deprecated services in wM60

Heard that built in services are deprecated in wM6.0, which are available in wM4.6.

  1. Is anybody aware of the list of such services - kind of ready reckoner?
  2. How to handle these services when one migrates from 4.6 to 6.0?

Bhavani Shankar


Is there any specific module are you referring to.

I know that eventually the DB adapter services will be deprecated and instead we should start using JDBC adapter services.

Some services in TN are going out as well. They dont encourage us to use templates anymore. We have to use the Flatfile Schemas for EDIs. Correspondingly, some services in TN handling templates are getting deprecated.
Besides these, there are many small services that are getting phased out which i dont remember at this moment.

I think we should start maintainng a list as we hear more from other users.

is there a site anywhere that post what all the deprecated services of v4.6 if we migrate to v6 then?

These deprecated services are listed in section 6.0 of the wM 6.0 readme.txt file. There are over 30 services that have been deprecated.

See the attached spreadsheet or PDF for this information.

Mark Carlson
IS 4.6 Service Deprecated or Replaced in IS 6.0.pdf (53.7 KB)
IS 6.0 Deprecated Built-In Services v1.1.xls (20 KB)

Sweet list. I now 6.0 has new Management/Monitoring frameworks, but I wish they kept some of the Event Listener services.

hi Mark,
thanks for the spreadsheet. May i know if the spreadsheet covers the whole list of deprecated services in IS 6?

Mark - I don’t have the webMethods documenation handy but isn’t the entire pub.db (pub.db:execSQL, connect, close, call, etc.) package deprecated also?

Yes, WmDB is deprecated, but they still provide documenation for it.

Jennifer, The spreadsheet is based upon what I could glean quickly from the WM6 docs. No warranties are expressed or implied :wink: regarding items I may have missed or services deprecated but not documented by WM. As Rajesh and Ray pointed out, I missed the pub.db stuff and have added it to the attached revised list.



Revised List of Built-In Services Deprecated or Replaced in IS 6.0
IS 6.0 Deprecated Built-In Services v1.1.xls (20.5 k)

Here’s a new version updated with the one additional service that was deprecated in 6.1: pub.smime:getContentType.

IS 6.1 Deprecated Services List
IS_6_0_Deprecated_Built-In_Services_v1.2.xls (21.0 k)


Has anyone developed a Java Service to replace the 6.0 deprecated service pub.list:getListItem.

After going through the WM JavaDoc it appears the service was deprecated because the class IDataHashCursor was deprecated. The reason for deprecating was “Replaced by key-based methods in IDataCursor”. However, since there is technically a replacement for IDataHashCursor, has anyone had any luck developing a replacement service?


The pub.list:getListItem built-in service was deprecated because, beginning with release 6.0, you can now extract a specific item from a string list or record list using only a map statement.

You do this by specifying a variable (enclosed in “%” characters) containing the index of the desired list element in the List Properties dialog on a map statement. In prior releases, you could only specify an integer value in this dialog.

To see how this works do the following:

  1. Create a new Flow service with a string list input variable called myList and a second string variable called myIndex. []Insert a new MAP statement. Create a new string variable called myListItem and draw a line to it from myList. []Double-click on the line to open the List Properties dialog. [*]In the index field type %myIndex%.

Run the service with the following values:

The results tab should show that the the myItem variable now contains the third list item, “charlie” (java array indices begin with 0).



I am having to upgrade some 4.6 flows that utilize two deprecated services that were not replaced; pub.table:recordListToTable and pub.table:tableToStringTable. These services are invoked in series to convert a document list into a string table. Is there another easy method to convert a doucment list into a string table object in 6.01?

Hi All,

I am also facing this issue. Does anyone have any solutions to this? I was thinking of writing my own Java service to handle this.

Please let us know if someone has a better solution.