Deployment of Java Assets


My deployment is finish (well :slight_smile: on my target server, but now (for testing) I need to update one item (1 web service descriptor ← service flow ← service java).

When selecting the Java service, I obtain this dialog box (see the screenshot please).
Could you explain me more, about this message please ?

In my case, the java service has been modified, so I need to deploy it.
I’m just worried about the conflict aspect. :?


When I select only one service java in its folder but this folder contains many javaservice, the Yes dialog box will automatically check all the service of that folder ?

May I suppose that the the Yes reply, is to avoid conflicts, isn’t it ?

The No reply is risky because only one service is deployed inside the sharedata ?


Hi Cedric,

for this you need to understand how java services are organized in webMethods.

All java services in one folder are just methods in the same java class.
The shared code as import and common methods are stored directly in the class (the node.idf of the folder).
The java services are stored as a node.ndf (containing the signature (input/output)) and a java.frag (the implementation).
From these files webMethods constructs a java source file for the class named folder, which will be compiled afterwareds.

Therefore it is neccessary to check whether the complete folder can be deployed in this case or if there will be any issues. Do a test after deployment to find out which way is convenient for your change.


I echo with Holger, you can tick β€œYes” when you do some changes in the java services. I don’t see any challenge in it.