Deployment of CAF Project using Deployer 9.9

I’m trying to deploy a CAF project using deployer to higher environments.

While creating the set in deployer if I select only the Project which contains my portlets (without selecting CAF/Web Applications) and do a deploy the my changes do not get deployed.

But when I select the Page under CAF/Web Applications it deploys the changes but wipes off the CAF Application Runtime Configuration and content from Public Folder setup wherever this portlet is configured.

This has become a headache as we need to re-configure everything whenever I need to deploy.

We are on webMethods suite 9.9

Hi Sravan,

Can you please list of the dependencies you are selecting while deploying.

If you are referring to “CAF runtime configuration”. These configurations are not often changed until you need some to change/update. But entries like endpoint, username, password and some custom elements are better with the individual environment.